SCOTT’S E-DITION: Week Five Roundup

“Crossover” is officially behind us! Monday and Tuesday were particularly long days in the House as we considered over 500 bills and resolutions before their final deadline to advance to the Senate. On Thursday we took up the amendments to the budget and began considering Senate Bills in committee.

Commending Elder Brown in the House of Delegates

Earlier this session, the House passed my resolution, HR 273, commending Dr. Valerie Kay Brown, wife of Bishop Kim Brown of The Mount Global Fellowship of Churches, for her incredible contributions to our Commonwealth. On Wednesday, Delegate Cliff Hayes and I had the pleasure of formally introducing her before the House. Elder Brown is a shining example of faith, dedication, and service for our community, and her work for youth, women’s empowerment, and financial literacy have helped countless families both in Virginia and across the nation. We were honored to formally commend her on the House Floor.

Leader Scott joins Dr. Valerie Kay Brown with husband, Bishop Kim Brown, and son, L Jay Brown, on the House Floor with Leader Scott’s resolution commending Dr. Brown for her contributions to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Celebrating Black History on the House Floor

February is Black History Month, and we in the Democratic Caucus intend to honor it by reminding our colleagues in the House of the many contributions African Americans have made to this country. As a veteran, this week I highlighted the contributions of our Black servicemen and women who put their lives on the line for the American Dream even while being actively excluded from it. I referenced the Black veterans who were denied GI Bill home loans and educational opportunities after WWII, exacerbating the racial wealth gap that persists to this day.

We need to learn from the past, not bury it, and I intend to fight any attempt to erase our history from our public schools, libraries, and collective consciousness. Watch my full remarks here:

Leader Scott delivers remarks commemorating Black History Month on the House Floor.

Taking up the Governor’s Budget

On Thursday, the House considered the Governor’s introduced budget and our proposed amendments. The original budget was a clear statement from the Governor’s Mansion on his priorities for this Commonwealth: tax cuts for corporations at the expense of relief for working families. Under the Governor’s budget, big corporations would receive over $350M in tax breaks, while the majority of Virginia households would get less than $50. These tax breaks for corporations would be paid for at the expense of our vital services: schools, health care, roads, etc.

The Governor’s handout to corporations couldn’t come at a worse time. Working Virginians are being stretched thin due to inflation, and we in the Democratic House Caucus are fighting tooth and nail to ensure every Virginia family gets their fair share.

To that end, Democrats introduced eight amendments that would offer real solutions in four critical areas:
(1) Education
(2) Protecting women’s freedom to choose
(3) Keeping our communities safe
(4) Defending our democracy

Unfortunately, on a reliably party-line vote, our Republican colleagues voted down our amendments on the House floor. We provided an opportunity to support our working families, but the Governor and House Republicans instead chose to favor tax cuts for CEO’s and multinational corporations.

Leader Scott and Delegate Hudson speak to reporters following the Budget’s vote in the House.

Visit with Galen College of Nursing at HCA’s Center for Clinical Advancement

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the new Center for Clinical Advancement, a collaboration between the Galen College of Nursing and HCA and the first location of its kind. The new brick and mortar campus will help meet the ongoing demand for nurses and the needs of our Commonwealth’s patients. With its state-of-the-art facilities, including the cutting-edge Simulation Center, Galen nurses will be prepared to tackle real world clinical situations. All Virginians deserve the best in health care, and schools like this are pivotal to strengthening our Commonwealth’s health outcomes

Leader Scott visiting the facility and meeting with members of HCA’s Center for Clinical Advancement.

Introducing the Lefcoe Leadership Program

I introduced members of Portsmouth Partnership on Wednesday in honor of their Lefcoe Leadership Program. Founded in 1996, the Lefcoe Program seeks to identify, educate, and encourage future leaders within the City of Portsmouth to serve on various local boards and commissions. To date they have graduated over 600 residents who go on to strengthen the social and economic fabric of our district and Commonwealth.

Leader Scott with Portsmouth Partnership members in the Capitol.

Meeting with VUU President Hakim Lucas

On Thursday I met with Virginia Union University President Hakim Lucas to discuss bills related to higher education and our efforts to improve workforce readiness. Virginia’s historically Black colleges and universities are some of the best in the country and are important partners for us as we strive to prepare our youth for tomorrow’s challenges.

Leader Scott with Virginia Union University President Hakim Lucas in Richmond.

Oyster Pop-Up on Bank Street!

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation was gracious enough to feed us from a little bit of the Bay’s vast resources during our “Crossover” week with their Oyster Pop Up on Bank Street. The Bay provides Virginians beauty, recreation, employment, and sometimes a tasty snack, and I always strive to protect its future through our work in the legislature.

Leader Scott enjoying a Virginia oyster at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Oyster Pop-up on Bank Street.

Celebrating Norfolk State University’s Spartan Legion Marching Band

On Thursday, February 9th the House of Delegates and I welcomed the award-winning Norfolk State University Spartan “Legion” Marching Band. The Legion was celebrated with a commending resolution, HJ 612, as one of the leading marching bands in the country.

Under the direction of Mr. William Beathea, the Spartan Legion “recently returned from one of the most premier event opportunities that one could ever dream of participating in the ‘Tournament of Roses Parade’” held annually on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California. We were proud to welcome and recognize their achievement on the House Floor.

Leader Scott with members of the NSU and the NSU Spartan Legion Marching Band in the Capitol.
Leader Scott pictured with the 7th Norfolk State University President Dr. Javaune Adams-Gaston. 

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Don L. Scott

Democratic House Leader
Member, 80th District

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